95.1 WOLD...Home Of NJ's Greatest Hits

95.1 WOLD is your local hometown radio station playing your favorite hits from the 60's through the 80's. Our focus and fun will always make you smile. You'll want to keep listening so you won't miss a single song and the memories they make.

From the founding fathers of Rock & Roll like Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry to the Beatles and Beach Boys right through to the Rolling Stones and Elton John 95.1 WOLD will take you back to when music was fun. Playing your favorite song is our goal each and every day at 95.1 WOLD.

The 95.1 WOLD website is where you'll find useful information like the news, traffic and weather. Of course you can also listen to 95.1 WOLD from anywhere in the world. Just click on the Listen Live link on the right!

95.1 WOLD Sponsorship Opportunities

95.1 WOLD offers local, regional and national businesses the opportunity to connect with an affluent audience with an above average disposible income. That means when you promote your business on 95.1 WOLD it will create results!

Contact 95.1 WOLD today and learn more about how affordable sponsorships are, the powerful investment it will be for your business and how fast you can gain new customers and clients. Call (862) 666-1079 and ask for Shawn.

    Why Radio?

  • Radio reaches more people
  • Radio is economical
  • Radio is immediate
  • Radio is heard longer than print is read

    The Process

  • Call 95.1 WOLD
  • Let us know your goals
  • Let us create your plan
  • Enjoy the benefits


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UPDATE: WOLD continues to rebuild after significant storm damage. Your help via our GoFundMe page will make a difference. We sincerely thank you for your support and partnership.

Stop Radio Pirates

95.1 WOLD is a broadcaster in good standing, following all FCC rules and regulations while serving our community. Unfortunately there are some who avoid proper oversight in their radio broadcasting. These illegal radio pirates infringe on the business of legitimate radio stations including 95.1 WOLD.

If an illegal radio broadcaster is preventing you from enjoying 95.1 WOLD, click on the following link to report them to the FCC. It's a simple process that will cost you nothing and will protect 95.1 WOLD and other legal radio broadcasters.

Report A Pirate Radio Broadcaster To The FCC